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Robert Lilow
Stefanie Kuen


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The Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the Doctoral Students Convention

According to the rules of procedure of the convention the executive committee is comprised of 11 members, 3 of which are representatives of the type of PhD studies, while 8 represent the field of PhD study. The constituent assembly of the convention took place on November 26, 2015. The following persons represent the current executive committee:

Representatives of PhD types

  • Representative of members of a graduate school:
    • Robin Wanjiru Njenga (Biosciences)
  • Representative of scientific assistants (Akademische/r Mitarbeiter/in):
    • Michael Kraft (Geography)
  • Representative for individual doctoral studies:
    • Franziska Militzer (Musicology)

Representatives of the field of study

  • Representatives of PhD students in the Humanities and Arts:
    • Jan Wysocki (Religious Studies)
    • [seat vacant]
  • Representatives of PhD students in the Life Sciences:
    • Stefanie Kuen (Biosciences)
    • [seat vacant]
  • Representatives of PhD students in the Natural Sciences:
    • Robert Lilow (Physics)
    • Ruobing Shen (Computer Science)
  • Representatives of PhD students in the Social Sciences:
    • [seat vacant]
    • [seat vacant]

Previous Executive Committees

1. Executive term (26.11.2015 - 20.10.2016)

Representative of graduate schools: Elias Eckert
Representative of scientific assistants: Stefanie Höger
Representative of individual doctoral studies: La Toya Waha
Representatives of the Humanities and Arts: Angela Calderón Villarino, Christoph Poetsch
Representatives of the Life Sciences: Raban Heller, Jubin Shah
Representatives of the Natural Sciences: Andreas Spitz
Representatives of the Social Sciences: Swetlana Torno, Christian Uhlmann

Working group agDOCS for founding the doctoral students convention (25.03.2015 - 26.11.2015)

Aysegül Argit
Angela Calderón Villarino
Adriana Cruz
Elias Eckert
Max Gawlich
Walter Hahn
Stefanie Höger
Johanna Kerch
Alba Lika
Julia Lohmann
Christoph Poetsch
Maria Rupprecht
Andreas Spitz
La Toya Waha
Katharina Zehfuß

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